The Best mp3 Tag Editor apps to add ID3 tags, Artist name, Album, Art and more..

It’s no secret that your Android makes a great Mp3 player. However, because it’s technology, when you transfer music files to a new device they might not appear as you would like. If you need to fix your music tags (called ID3 tags) to display properly on your Android music player, or you just want a new player altogether, check out these ten completely free apps.

10 free music tag editor apps to edit mp3 file informations on smartphone

1. ID3 Fixer

Price: Free with ads

For when you have a lot of music from a few artists, or a handful of big compilation albums, ID3 Fixer’s simple step-by-step interface makes short work of editing large numbers of similar tags.

Downlaod ID3 Fixer Want to create your own music on the go?
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2. Itag Music Tag Editor

Price: Free with ads

In addition to all of your basic ID3 tag fixes, Itag brings something new; “Lucky Cover”, a function that finds album artwork for you based on your album names. A nice choice for cover art aficionados.

Downlaod Itag Music Tag Editor

3. MP3dit – Music Tag Editor

Price: Free

MP3dit is the tool you use when you want to move beyond just song, artist, album and onto the really nuanced stuff. With options for the genre, track number, and even key and BPM, MP3dit is a whole lot of customization in a simple package.

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4. Pimp My Music – Tag Editor

Price: Free with ads

The perfect all-in-one tool for organizing music, Pimp My Music is a great way to completely fix an entire music library. With a wide variety of acceptable formats and a lot of automatic findings and completing, Pimp My Music takes out all the guesswork in organizing ID3 tags.

Downlaod Pimp My Music

5. AudioTagger – Tag Music

Price: Free with ads

A simple, comprehensive ID3 tagger, AudioTagger links directly to Amazon for artwork and track lists. If pulling whole albums is your thing, AudioTagger is the easiest way to tag them.

Downlaod AudioTagger

6. Star Music Player

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

If you want to be 100% sure your edited tags will play, why not use the same program to edit tags and play music? Star Music Player has all the basic features of an ID3 editor built into a music app.

Downlaod Star Music Player – Tag Editor

7. Rocket Player – Music Player

Price: Free with ads

Even the free version of Rocket Player edits ID3 tags and works as a fully customizable Mp3 music player. A great app for anyone who wants more control over all their music.

Downlaod Rocket Player – Music Player Here (Free)

8. Tag Ed – Music Tag Editor

Price: Free

A constantly evolving tag editing app, Tag Ed is a simple, powerful, and stripped down. It does its job well and doesn’t take up nearly as much space as other apps on the market.

Downlaod Tag Ed

9. Fusion Music Player

Price: Free with ads/ Offers IAP

Just calling N7player a tag editor and music player doesn’t do it justice. HUGE opportunities for customization, online support for album artwork and lyrics, and positive reviews across the board mean that you might just fall in love with your music all over again.

Downlaod Fusion Music Player

10. n7player Music Player

Price: Free with ads/ IAP

A music player app designed with the philosophy that “Nothing should come between U and Music” with full tag editing, simple design, and integrated radio and Youtube? And it’s still free.

Downlaod N7player

Try any or all of these free apps, and find the one that works best with your music collection. Regardless of what you choose, it’s going to make enjoying music on your Droid a whole lot 

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